Excellence must be pursued, it must be wooed with all of one’s might and every bit of effort that we have each day there’s a new encounter, each week is a new challenge. All of the noise and all of the glamour all of the color all of the excitement all of the rings and all of the money. These are the things that linger only in the memory. But the spirit, the will to excel, the will to win, these are the things that endure.

Vince Lombardi (The winning coach from Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II)



The words I cannot find run away from me in the wild.

Unleashed, unaware of their strength. Forgetting from henceforth they came.

We Forget.

A mind filled with scenarios and storylines that have no beginning and no ending.

But a middle within the middle, so contrived it falls out of context.

It cannot be understood, not even by he who creates.

A creation not synonymous to that of genesis.

This is not a story of biblical proportions.

Just a mere painted picture with no canvas.

An orchestrated masterpiece, with no keys or strings.

A beautiful song with no words.

Decanted, these words flourish leaving watermarks on the pages of their ancestors.

Unsure of what has been formed, but confident in knowing that it is something.

Or nothing. 

- Myles (February 2013)


Such is life

Cracked, crushed and crumbling. She screams. 

All at once with no intermission. She screams.

Silent words that only the deaf can hear. 

Crying tears that fall into the rivers that the blind see. 


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Phi Phi Island on Flickr.

Miss PhiPhi!!! Need to go back! 
Guess it’s that time! 

Live in the Sky

Can I live in the sky for just one day

To fly alongside the sparrow and sing its song

Can I touch the tip of the pyramids

And wipe clean away the blood of the slaves that have gone

I want to get lost in the desert

For my mind to create mirages of Eden

And then lay my head down on the oceans bed

Dreaming dreams of colours deeper than blue

Lost cities, Dark night skies, Galaxies galore

This world, ours to explore

But so much unknown and so much yet to be touched

I want to be first to experience the inexperienced

To become


I did what no man dared to do

Fearful that he’s dreams just may come true

Terrified of his own ambition

Allowing himself to become crippled by his own inhibitions

I can live in the sky

Not just for one day, but for the rest of my life.

- Myles (July 2012)